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First Foodie STOP!! Bodega 974!!

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

There are plenty of happy hour bars, pubs and restaurants in Pelotas, we were driving around on our humid summer, looking for something far from downtown to avoid traffic issues, crowded areas and decided to stop by at Bodega's, the crew is headed by our friends Keka and Fabricio Coelho, we were hosted by Luiza that introduced us the Aperol Spritz coquetel, the best choice for summer time, citrus orange taste mixed with a good sparkling wine was very welcome and well balanced!! As an appetizer the Filet Mignon Carpaccio was delicious, the entrée was the grilled Pirarucu (fish from Amazon River), on top of grilled veggies including Swiss potatoes and asparagus. It was my first Pirarucu experience, the texture and juiciness was just out of this world, perfect grilled with a citrus and fresh seasoning taste, our first foodie stop at Bodegas, was no doubt, the best start of our food appetite journey!!

Bodega 974

15 de Novembro, 974

Pelotas/RS Brazil


Bodega's restaurant food and atmosphere!!

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