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Reservation at

Gaucho Brazilian Grille

"We do not make reservation over by phone, texting or social media"


Customers have 2 options to place a reservation at Gaucho Brazilian Grille.

1st Option:

For tables with 6 people or less, you are welcome to place it 3 hours in advance, clicking on the link "Book a Table" at the head of our website, it will redirect to the TableAgent reservation App.

After adding the information required *1, you will automatically get a TableAgent confirmation

by email.

PS. If a customer make 2 reservations, considering both tables one party with more than 8 people, not following our rules, we will be disregarding the reservation and will not guarantee tables will be sided each other.


2nd Option:

Tables with parties larger than 6 people, please contact us by email: at least one day prior reservation. We will check availability and confirm by replying the requested email.

PS. Reservations for Holidays, VT Events like Family weekend, Game day etc we will allow customers to place reservation just at 5:30, 5:45 and 6pm, after 6pm just walk-ins!!


Reservation Policy  

*1 -Credit Card will be required for reservations. No show without previous cancellation, a $10 per person fee will be charged. The cancellation has to be requested 4 hours prior your reservation.

Tables with 5 or more people, the gratuity of 20% may apply.


We encourage your party to arrive a few minutes earlier the time your reservation was placed, Reservation will be voided in case your party doesn't arrive on time.

For cancellations or reservation changes, please use the confirmation email sent by TableAgent (preferred) or call at least 4 hours before your scheduled event. A cancellation fee may apply.


Attention please

We don't make reservation over by phone, texting or social media.

Please place your reservation for 5 people or less using our TableAgent app, for more than 5 people, please fill out the large party agreement and forward by email to us. (

We always save half of our seats for walk-ins, but we can not guarantee availability at the time people show up without reservation.

We are looking forward to better serve you, see you at Gauchos!!

Book a Private Event
Laigsa_VT Christmas Party
Laigsa_VT Guest
Laigsa_VT Guest
Laigsa_VT Guest
Laigsa_VT Guest
Laigsa_VT Guest
Laigsa_VT Guest
Laigsa_VT Guest
Laigsa_VT Guest
Laigsa_VT Guest
Laigsa_VT Guest
Laigsa_VT Guest
An elegant Brazilian dining experience presented by our helpful staff will make Gaucho the perfect location for your party, group or private dining event. 
Please call 540-922 2854 or email us   to book your special occasion event. 
Sundays, lunch time and after open hours are the best time to book your private event


Special events range of food options goes from our Parrilla style menu to traditional 
Brazilian dishes. Contact us for more information and options:
  • Feijoada
  • Carreteiro
  • Estrogonofe
  • Moqueca


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